Commissioners urge "No" vote on Prop 120

With mail-in ballots in the hands of most La Plata County voters, please take a moment to consider Proposition 120. On Tuesday, Oct. 12, the Board of County Commissioners approved a resolution in opposition to the ballot measure: Resolution in Opposition to Proposition 120
La Plata County opposes Proposition 120 because it will take money from vital services upon which our residents rely. This “one size fits all” approach to financing critical government services is not the way to go. Proposition 120 also erodes local control and harms the very “lifelines” county residents depend on such as roads, law enforcement, fire protection, libraries, schools and other services. La Plata County already has the 4th lowest mill levy in the State of Colorado out of 64 counties, and Proposition 120 only further reduces the County’s ability to provide effective and forward-looking services. We urge community members to vote "No" on Proposition 120 which is currently on the ballot for the November 2nd election.