Mill Levy and Tax District Information

Mill levies are the rates of taxation set by each taxing district*.  Your total mill levy, therefore, depends on which taxing districts you live in.  The County, cities and towns, school districts and special districts each have a separate mill levy, which is noted on the annual tax bill you receive from the County Treasurer.

La Plata County's mill levy is the 4th lowest in the State, at 8.50 mills, representing a very small portion of your total tax bill.  The largest portion of tax dollars goes to the school districts.  Special districts also receive a large portion, for services which include fire protection, library services, sanitation services, and mosquito control.  Under Colorado law, the mill levy of a taxing district cannot be increased without an affirmative vote of the citizens within that district.

The tax bill on a $350,000 home with a tax rate of 35 mills would be as follows:
$350,000 (appraised value) x .06765 (6.765% assessment ratio) = $23,680 (assessed value).
$23,680 (assessed value) x .035 (mill levy) = $828.80 property tax.

Taxes are collected by the County Treasurer and then disbursed, according to the mill levy, to each taxing district.  For additional information about your property tax or assessment, please contact Carrie Woodson, County Assessor.

*Taxing Districts:  The Division of Local Government, (a sub-division of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs), is responsible for maintaining contact information for taxing districts.

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