Our Mission
The Mission of the Colorado Child Support Services Program is to assure that all children receive financial and medical support from each parent. This is accomplished by locating each parent, establishing paternity and support obligations, and enforcing those obligations.

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About the Child Support Services Program: 

CSS oversees the state’s child support system. Individual child support orders are managed by Colorado’s county child support offices. You can find many helpful services on the CSS website including:

• Applying for child support services
• How to create an online account to view specific information on your child support case
• How and when to request changes to a child support order
• Different ways to make and receive child support payments
• Frequently asked questions about child support in Colorado

Visit the CSS website.

FAQ - Questions regarding child support and services

Child Support Worksheets - In Colorado, a child support obligation is calculated from the Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations. To view the schedule and the rest of the child support guidelines statute, click the "Colorado Statutes" link below and then search Title 14 for §14-10-115 C.R.S.

Forms - Link to self-help forms for domestic matters for Colorado Court