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Manufactured Home Authentication – Title Change
While the Clerk and Recorder is testing the four-day work week pilot program, we recommend coming in Monday – Thursday for manufactured home authentications to change title, if you are looking to complete the process in one trip as the Clerk and Recorder & Motor Vehicle are closed on Fridays. Failure to return and complete this process will prevent us from updating our records and may impede any future transfers.
The County Assessor is responsible for valuing all real and personal property, including mobile homes, residential, commercial properties, oil and gas, and agricultural land for property tax purposes.  The value and classification are based on how the property existed January 1st of every year. Classification is based on actual use, values are determined based on market sales that occurred the prior 2 years. For tax years 2023 and 2024 the values are determined based on market sales that occurred July 1st 2020 through June 30th 2022. This cycle of revaluation (re-appraisal) occurs every 2 years. 2023 is a revaluation year, Notices of Value will be sent to every property owner May 1, 2023.  These are the values that will be used for property taxes billed in 2024 and 2025.  The Assessor determines the equitable value of property to ensure that each tax payer pays only their fair share of the taxes.  The Assessor strives to ensure property ownership and land configurations are current, correct and that the proper person receives Notices of Value and the property tax bill.

Anyone who disagrees with changes in the actual value of real property can object or file a protest with the Assessor.

See how values increased across the entire state using this interactive map created by the Department of Local Affairs.

Please Note: The La Plata County Assessor’s Office maintains a bedroom count exclusively for its own ad valorem valuation purposes and this bedroom count should not be relied on for any other purpose.  Similarly, other property inventory data collected and maintained by the La Plata County Assessor’s Office is exclusively for its own ad valorem classification and valuation purposes and should be independently verified for reliability prior to use for any other purpose.

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