Crowd-Sourced Broadband Project

High-Speed Broadband is critical for the residents of La Plata County.   The La Plata County Board of County Commissioners are working hard to bring much-needed broadband connectivity to under-served areas of La Plata County, and they have partnered with Montezuma, Dolores, Archuleta and San Juan counties to focus on securing grant funding to help us build towards a better tomorrow.  

Over the next five years, Colorado will receive between $500 million - $1 billion for broadband infrastructure projects essential to bringing access to fast, reliable and affordable high-speed internet to all Coloradans. La Plata County, in conjunction with Region 9, has submitted a proposal to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration for a grant for "middle mile" fiber construction.

While we wait for that grant decision, we will be gathering information on current internet speed and availability in the area. This is why we need your help. We need real data on the actual delivered internet speeds vs broad claims by the service providers. This information is critical for applying to the State Broadband Office for grant funding. The Optimap program is a database that records internet speed test results by location to determine unserved and underserved areas of the County.

Please test your internet speeds (below) at your home to include your location in this important effort. And please share this link with your family and friends. We need as much data as possible.  Accurate mapping is critical to assure that Colorado and our region receive every federal funding dollar available to us to make broadband available and accessible to all Coloradans.

If you don't have broadband internet at home, please fill out this survey.

Thanks for your help in improving internet for our future!