Court Information

Courts of the Sixth Judicial District:

The most reliable and up-to-date information about the courts of the Sixth Judicial District can be found by looking at the Colorado Judicial Branch’s website for the Sixth Judicial District courts here.  Information about Jury Duty can be found here.  Court schedules and calendars can be found here:

General Information About Courts:

Types of Court:  There are several different types of courts in Colorado.  Below is a brief overview of the different courts systems in our state.

Federal Courts:
Federal courts handle violations of federal law only. These cases tend to be the most serious violations of law.  Criminal cases are handled by the U.S. Attorney's Office.  The Office of the District Attorney does not appear in federal court or handle federal criminal cases

State Courts: State courts handle violation of the laws of the State of Colorado.  Criminal cases are handled by the Office of the District Attorney.  State Courts are divided into two different categories: County Court and District Court.

  • County Court handles civil cases under $25,000, evictions, small claims, traffic citations, restraining orders, name changes and misdemeanor criminal cases.
  • District Court handles adoptions, divorce, child support/custody, felony criminal cases, probate, juvenile cases and adjudication of water-related claims.

Municipal Courts: Municipal Courts handle violations of the municipal code of ordinances, including parking and certain traffic violations within city limits. These types of courts are an office of the city, town, village, or municipality, and the cases are handled by a municipal prosecutor.  The Office of the District Attorney does not handle cases in municipal court.