Homeless Support

On Tuesday, April 12, the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners held a public hearing (video) and approved the purchase of property for a managed camp, pending due diligence review and land use approval by the City of Durango.  Meeting packet is here.

On January 26, 2022, the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners received a presentation from Dr. Kathleen Van Voorhis to discuss the fundamental concepts and common concerns about managed homeless camps.

On Monday, December 13, La Plata County staff held a public meeting seeking input from the community on a proposed site for a transitional housing managed camp.  

What is a managed camp?
A staffed, regulated, uniform, resource-rich, housing-first, trauma-informed model of care.  

On November 17, 2021, Neighbors in Need Alliance (NINA) hosted a webinar to educate the community about the managed camp model. It featured experts with experience successfully operating managed camps in other parts of the country.

What are the benefits?
Managed camps allow our unhoused neighbors to have a safe place to sleep while providing basic human necessities and assisting in resource connection. When residents no longer have to worry about where they will sleep or protecting their items, they can begin to focus on stepping stones to stability.

In communities around the nation and across Colorado, managed camps have brought security, safety, humanity, and solutions to communities struggling to ensure all neighbors have a safe place to rest at night. The model strives to place every resident into permanent housing, and it facilitates work training, mental and physical health support, substance abuse support, and trauma and violence support.  

In an effort to reduce the negative impacts of homelessness on the community in Durango and La Plata County, staff is exploring the creation and operation of a safe, secure, well-resourced outdoor option for people experiencing homelessness. Additionally, a managed camp would provide support to connect people experiencing homelessness to housing, hotels, health services and other resources.

For more information, please contact Ted Holteen, La Plata County Public & Governmental Affairs Manager, at (970) 382-6265 or email ted.holteen@co.laplata.co.us.