Economic Impacts of Noxious Weeds in Colorado - The estimated cost  is nearly $14 million lost annually in regards to agricultural, wildlife, and recreational values.

Weed & Plant Identification and Information

Treatment Info (Herbicide and biological)

  • How Herbicides work- A detailed, scientific report about how herbicides work and the different different categories based on mode of action.
  • Detailed Treatment Info for Weeds (UCDavis)-A very helpful resource for most noxious and problematic plant species.  There are fact sheets for each plant showing whether biological, mechanical, and herbicides are best used along with detailed management information.
  • Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC)- Providing comprehensive information about weed resistance and best practices available to our regional partners and local experts around the world.
  • Biological Control- Colorado dept. of Ag Insectary website.  Information about different biological agents and how to order.

Agricultural Management and Weed Management Information

Hodiak Wildlife Solutions- 970-799-3641
San Juan Wildlife Services LLC- 970-570-9922

Government, Organizations and Programs

Herbicide Carryover