CPW Wolf Planning and Restoration

June, 2021: Keystone Policy Center presented its plan to host more than 40 meetings plus online comment opportunities between July and August of 2021. Public engagement opportunities will include, but are not limited to:

  • 13 in-person regional open houses (7 on the Western Slope)

  • 17 in-person Western Colorado geographic focus groups

  • 2 in-person Tribal consultations

  • 10 virtual interest-based focus groups

  • 1 x 1-day statewide virtual town hall (or 2 half-days)

  • Online comment form with optional, asynchronous (pre-recorded/available on the website) open house instructions and content to inform online comment form or charge question responses

  • Virtual open houses, as needed, for COVID-based alternatives to in-person open houses

  • Listen to the virtual meeting on Youtube.com.

To provide comments to the Parks and Wildlife Commission please email wolfcomments@state.co.us.