Sales Tax Information

La Plata County’s sales tax rate is 2%, or two cents per $1.00 in retail sales.  In 1975 the voters  approved the first cent is to be distributed between the City of Durango, the Town of Ignacio, the Town of Bayfield and La Plata County.  In 1982 voters approved a second cent of additional sales tax.  The second cent is distributed to the Town of Ignacio, the Town of Bayfield, La Plata County and also to the Joint Sales Tax Fund.


In addition to the La Plata County 2% sales tax, the State of Colorado has a 2.9% sales tax. The Colorado Department of Revenue collects the state sales tax and La Plata County sales tax. A Colorado sales tax license is required for sales tax remittances.  The license only covers state and state-collected tax jurisdictions.

The City of Durango is a home-rule city and collects and administers their own sales tax. Please contact the city directly for their sales tax rate, license requirements and tax structure.

La Plata County Sales Tax License and Filing Information

Apply for a sales tax license with the Colorado Department of Revenue     

  • Apply online at and receive your Colorado Account Number (CAN) license number immediately.


File and remit taxes

  • The Colorado Department of Revenue will be implementing changes to the DR 0100 Sales Tax form in January 2020.  Paper forms will no longer be mailed to sales tax licensees. The return can be filed on Revenue Online or a PDF version of the form can be downloaded from the website on the Sales & Use Tax Forms web page.  In addition to the DR 0100 changes, the State has implemented a service fee increase to 4.0% from 3.33% with a $1,000.00 cap per filing period. Further information on service fee changes can be found here

Helpful Resources   

All forms can also be found on the Department of Revenue’s website by searching for “forms.” It is recommended that the forms are downloaded directly from the Department of Revenue’s website in order to ensure that the most current version is used. The forms are periodically revised.