County Facility Usage Fee Schedule

County Facility Usage - click here for non-profit rates

General Policies Governing the Rental of the La Plata County Fairgrounds

Fairgrounds Facilities:

Effective 5/1/2020  Rates
Extension building meeting room (Animas & Pine) $21.00/hour
Extension building meeting room with kitchen use (Florida) $26.00/hour
Exhibit hall-- hall only $47.00/hour
$150.00 deposit
$470.00 daily max
Exhibit hall-- hall with kitchen $73.00/hour
$400.00 deposit
$730.00 daily max
Exhibit hall-- kitchen only $26.00/hour
$250.00 deposit
$260.00 daily max
Exhibit hall-- meeting rooms $26.00/hour
$260.00 daily max
 Patio $21/hour
$210.00 daily max
Exhibit hall & both meeting rooms $99.00/hour
$150.00 deposit
$999.00 full day
Entire Facility (Exhibit Hall, Extension Building, & Patio) not including parking lots $1,605/day
$400.00 deposit
Set up and clean up dates for large events  25% discount off regular rate
 Labor Rate $26/man hour
 Trash pickup fee for large events $22/extra pickup
 Recycling pickup fee for large events $10/extra pickup
Pavilion (for exclusive use) $21.00/hour
$200.00 daily max
Rodeo arena $53.00/hour
$500.00 deposit
$530.00 daily max
Use of arena lights $37/hour
Staff working arena or pavilion during events $75/man hour
Stalls--4-H $30.00/month
$50.00 deposit
Stalls - Public $79.00/month
$50.00 deposit
Stock Pens --Temporary Stalls $16.00/night/stall
(max 14 days)
$50.00 deposit
Camping--Water & Electricity (no sewer) $26.00/night
Parking vehicles, during the day (no for sale vehicles) Not permitted
Durango High School student parking Not permitted
Ball field usage (18 and over) $63.00/day
Ball field lights (all ages) $37/hour
Video conference fee $100.00 per hour + room rental fee
Parking Lot A - 66' x 341' $357/day
Parking Lot B - 123' x 57' $110/day
Parking Lot C - 50' x 80' $63/day
Parking Lot D - 80' x 122' $154/day
Parking Lot E - 80' x 110' $139/day
Parking Lot F - 61' x 85' $82/day
Parking Lot G - 166' x 160' $420/day
Parking Lot H - 70' x 270' $298/day
Parking Lot I - 247' x 62' $242/day
*Parking lots have a 25% discount when renting entire facility  

Fairgrounds Floor Plan
Fairgrounds Room Capacity Chart
Rental of Equipment for onsite use only:

Stage $11/section per day
Projector $11/day
White Linens (per set - tablecloth & skirt) $11/set
Portable Sound System $21/day
Barricades& Panels $5/section per day