How do I register to vote?

Manufactured Home Forms - Where can I get Manufactured Homes Forms?


Civil Union

Vehicle Registration & Titling: Do you have any other information on vehicle registration and titling?

New Resident Vehicle Registration: I just moved to Colorado. How long do I have until I have to register my vehicles?

Buying or Selling a vehicle - What are my responsibilities?

Lost title - How do I apply for a duplicate title?

Disabilities Parking Privileges: How may I obtain an application for Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges?

When is Secure and Verifiable Identification required?

VIN Inspection: Where do I get a VIN inspection?

Notary Public - Does your office have a Notary Public?

How are my registration/renewal fees calculated?

Online documents - Are your recorded documents online?

Sales Tax - What is the sales tax rate in La Plata County?

Late fee  - Is there a late fee if I do not register my vehicle?

Where can I register to vote in person?

Recorded documents - How do I get copies of recorded documents?

Business License - Where do I obtain a business license?

Can I hold a block party?

Divorce - How do I file for a divorce?

Can I register to vote online?

How do I obtain a certified document of registration for in-state tuition purposes or other purposes?

Foreclosure Properties - Where do I get a list of foreclosure properties?

Birth Certificates - Where do I get birth certificates?

Map or plat - Where can I get a map or plat of my property?

Property taxes - Where do I pay property taxes?

Recorded document - How do I find a recorded document?

Illegal lots - If the deed was illegal, why did the Clerk's office record the documents?

What type of payment(s) does the Clerk and Recorders Office accept?