Agriculture & Horticulture

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Resources for Living Rural
Climate Presentation (pdf)


  1. Introduction to Soils: 
  2. The Living Soil: 
  3. Managing Soil Tilth: 
  4. NRCS Web Soil Survey: 
  5. Fertilizing Cool Season Grasses and Legume Mixes: 


  1. Grazing Management for Soil Health Presentation (MP4)
  2. Rangeland Management Before, During and After Drought: 
  3. CO Forage Guide: 
  4. Ag Business Management Decision Tools: 
  5. Rangeland Analysis Platform: 
  6. CSU Rangeland Carrying Capacity (and app): 
  7. Range, Pasture and Natural Area Weed Management: 
  8. Grass Growth and Response to Grazing: 


  1. Nitrates in Drinking Water:
  2. Nitrate Poisoning: 
  3. Alternative Feeds for Cattle During Drought: 
  4. Irrigation Water Quality: 
  5. Feed Composition for Cattle and Sheep: 

Native Plants

  1. Native Grasses for Colorado Landscapes: 
  2. Native Plant Reference List:  
  3. Low-water native plant garden guides for Colorado: Mountains: 


  1. La Plata County Weed Department: 
  2. Range, Pasture and Natural Area Weed Management: 
  3. Weed Management for Small Rural Acreages:  


  1. Grasshoppers in Field Crops: 
  2. Armyworms: 
  3. Alfalfa Weevil:
  4. Black Grass Bugs: 

Wildfire Mitigation

  1. After the Disaster Guidebook (Boulder County):
  2. Addressing the Impacts of Wildfire on Water Resources: 
  3. Creating Wildfire-Defensible Zones: 
  4. Soil Erosion Control After Wildfire: 


  1. Deer Damage Prevention: 
  2. Managing Pocket Gophers: 
  3. Managing Prairie Dogs: 
  4. Managing Voles in Colorado: 

Colorado Master Gardener Program

Unfortunately, the application period for the 2023 Colorado Master Gardener Program is closed. For more information on how to apply for the 2024 class, visit the state CMG website.

La Plata County Fruit Tree Gleaning
- run by the Good Food Collective - find or list your tree here!

Tom Bartels Compost Presentation
Container Gardening (pdf)
Getting Your Vegetable Garden Started (pdf)
Gardening Resiliency in a Time of Climate Change
Link to Recording if they ask for a password, enter: &3WmdD#7
Future Garden Favorites: Native Plants:Jennifer Bousselot, PH.D, Colorado State University Link to recording
Powering up with Peppers: An Intro to Hot & Sweet Peppers :
Dan Hobbs, Pueblo Seed Company Link to recording
Weeds: How to Identify, Control, and Out-compete: Ben Bain, La Plata Co. Weed Manager Link to Recording




CSU -15-25-45-2 copy
Darrin Parmenter
Horticulture/Small Farms

Durango Botanic Gardens: “Our mission is to create public gardens that demonstrate best practices, advance horticultural education, and celebrate the inspirational power of sustainable gardens.”

CSU Extension is excited to be part of the Durango Botanic Gardens and we are thrilled with all the work being done at the Durango Public Library  Demonstration Garden (between the library and the river trail). Come check the garden and become a member of the Society today!

Colorado Gardener

CSU Extension has several publications for the Colorado gardener. Topics in this section include:


Gardening Basics

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Garden Diseases

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Fruits and vegetables

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Native Plants

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Trees & Shrubs

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