Family & Consumer Science

Nicole Clark 2021Nicole Clark, RDN
Family and Consumer Science Agent

Family and Consumer Science offers classes on nutrition, stress management, disease prevention, food preservation/food safety, financial literacy and other health and well-being related topics as needed in La Plata County. 

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Contact: Nicole Clark, RDN by email or call (970) 382-6461.   

UPCOMING PROGRAMS:  All programs offered on-line

Pre-diabetes: Placing Prevention within Your Control
     Attend this 1 - hour webinar on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm and learn more about pre-diabetes, plus ways to prevent or delay the on-set of type 2 diabetes.  

Interactive, fun, learning for National Heart Month (Feb.) and National Nutrition Month (Mar)
 Programs offered in February and March included:  Chocolate, Good for the Heart & Soul, The Mediterranean Diet, Give Your Energy to Movement and Culture   Through Cooking: Northern Africa.  View the recorded versions here.  

Dining With Diabetes: Learn cooking and physical activity strategies to manage your blood glucose in a 4 - session program (on-line).  Coming in July/August 2021.

All My Money:
Improve your ability to manage your money.  Visit  @MoneySmart Colorado 

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Recipes For You

Southwest Turkey Chowder.  Perfect for leftover turkey, or for those who want to keep Thanksgiving SIMPLE!
BEST zucchini bread recipe
 - watch the video here 


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