If you see noxious weeds on any La Plata County road and can correctly identify the species, fill out the La Plata County Roads Weed Infestation Report Form and your information will be submitted to our office. You may also give the Weed Office a call at 970-382-6470.

You can download and fill out your own Self Appraisal Weed Management Plan, or give County Weed Coordinator Ben Baine a call at 970-382-6470 and he will come out to your property and walk the land with you while identifying problem weeds.  Afterwards, he will fill out a Weed Management Plan Form which will give you guidelines for controlling weeds on your own.

If your neighbor or a landowner has a significant weed problem*, the Adjacent Land Owner Complaint Form  can be filled out.

*These weeds need to be correctly identified and on the mandatory and enforceable list. Each weed is listed and more details can be found under the fact sheet.