Land Use Code and District Plans

Development and land use applications in La Plata County are regulated and guided by the following documents:

Land Use Code
Chapters 62 through 81 and chapter 90 of the La Plata County Code are referred to as the La Plata County Land Use Code (LUC).  These chapters contain the county’s land use, zoning, floodplain, and subdivision regulations as well as road and bridge design standards.  The LUC is the primary tool used to implement the La Plata County Comprehensive Plan and its associated district plans.

La Plata County Comprehensive Plan
The La Plata County Comprehensive Plan establishes a framework for land use planning in the County. Planning is not intended to be a static, one-time event, but an ongoing process that reflects changing conditions in the community. The Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide growth while protecting the environment and enhancing the lives of county residents. The Comprehensive Plan also seeks to recognize the diverse perspectives on land use and private property rights expressed by county residents.

District Plans
La Plata County has 12 planning districts which have developed plans that establish the goals, policies and objectives to help guide future growth based on the unique characteristics of that area, and the desires of the residents.  These plans were developed by the residents between 1995-2007, and updated and adopted by the Planning Commission in 2019. The plans are advisory documents and are part of the La Plata County Comprehensive Plan, which sets the overarching goals, policies and objectives guiding growth for the county as a whole.  The Land Use Code provides the regulations that implement the goals, objectives and policies established by the area plans & comprehensive plans.