4-H Youth Development

4-H is a nation-wide hands-on youth development program, the largest in the United States with over 6.5 million members.   Our purpose is to provide a supportive setting for all girls and boys to mature into competent, caring, and responsible people through volunteerism and the learning of valuable life skills. 4-H also provides many opportunities for young people to take on leadership roles. At its most basic level, 4-H includes belonging to one or more  4-H club list and pursuing the project list and interests that you love, all while serving the community.

4-H’ers join clubs and pursue projects and interests of their own choosing in areas like:

  • Art and music
  • Science and technology
  • Animals and agriculture
  • Communications
  • Healthy living
  • Citizenship
  • Community action and volunteering

4-H’ers also participate in the 4-H program in ways beyond their clubs. We have:

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4-H Information and Enrollment Forms:

**Returning Members can register at https://colorado.4honline.com  **

Additional information on the 4-H program is also available at www.colorado4h.org.

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