Change Address - How do I change my mailing address?
Written requests for address changes can be submitted to the Assessor's office or the Treasurer's Office.

Change of Address Form
Foreclosure Properties - Where do I get a list of foreclosure properties?
Although foreclosure documents are recorded with us in this office, we do not have a "list" of such properties. The Public Trustee's office has a web page that you can view current foreclosure properties. For further information on foreclosures please call the Public Trustee Office (970) 382-6352.
When are Taxes Due?
Property Taxes are due:

  • First Half - Last Day of February
  • Second Half - June 15
  • Full Amount - Last Day of April
Is Property Tax Information Online?
The La Plata County Treasurer has an online database
When is the current tax notice sent?
Tax notices are mailed as soon as practicable after January 1st of each year.
What if I did not receive my property tax notice?
Please contact our office. Property owner is responsible for the property tax, interest and fees whether they receive a tax notice or not.
What if a mortgage company pays the property taxes?
Property owners will receive the tax notice. If a mortgage company is to pay taxes, notify your mortgage company to verify that they have all of the appropriate information
How do I pay delinquent taxes?
To pay delinquent taxes it is important that you call the office first to obtain the total amount due, which includes interest and fees.  The number to call is (970) 382-6352.   You can make a payment in person at the Treasurer’s Office which is located at 679 Turner Drive Suite B, Durango, CO 81303.  Payment MUST be made using Certified Funds (Cashier's Check or Money Order) or Cash.  You can also mail your payment to the same address using Certified Funds (Cashier's Check or Money Order) DO NOT SEND CASH VIA THE MAIL.