Application Information

Due to a staffing shortage and increased number of permit applications, processing time for projects has significantly increased.  We are working to address this as best we can and appreciate your patience.

Planning Review

Feasibility Evaluation

The first step required before applying for a land use permit is to assess the feasibility of a project proposal. To begin the feasibility process please complete the Feasibility Evaluation Form which is located on our Feasibility Evaluation page. There is also additional information and resources for understanding the feasibility process.

Types of Applications

This page will assist you in understanding the Types of Applications that we offer and resources for additional information on each permit.

County Guidance

Once you have completed a Feasibility Evaluation Form and the project proposal has been reviewed by the Planning Team, County Guidance (feedback) will be emailed to you. This guidance will list the type of land use permit(s) required for the proposal, agencies that we recommend you speak with or obtain comments from regarding your proposal, and a brief overview of county code requirements or constraints that may be part of the formal application process. 

Agency Contact and Research

The Agency Contact and Research page is meant to assist you in contacting and researching agencies that we work with to complete projects.