To begin the process of acquiring a land use permit, we first assess the feasibility of your project proposal; our intention is to identify potential constraints, financial obligations, and the likelihood of completing a project successfully.
Once you have completed a Feasibility Evaluation and your project proposal has been reviewed by Planning Staff, feedback will be emailed to you. You will receive guidance including the type of land use permit(s) required for your proposal, agencies we recommend you speak with or obtain comments from regarding your proposal, and a brief overview of applicable county code requirements or constraints that may be part of your formal application process.

Feasibility Review Process

Feasibility Evaluation

To begin the process of acquiring a land use permit, please complete our online Feasibility Evaluation Form. The preferred browser is Google Chrome. The form will ask for specific details regarding your project proposal and will timeout after 2 hours. Please have the following information available and a site plan ready for upload prior to beginning the online form.

Site Plan Guidance and Requirements: 
An aerial view can be found by going to La Plata County GIS. This view can be printed and modified to show the items requested. A site plan should show all existing features and proposed improvements, including:

  • parcel boundaries and acreage
  • hydrologic features (ditches, swales, streams, ponds, wetlands, floodplain, etc.)
  • locations of steep slopes (>30%) or rock outcroppings
  • structures
  • parking
  • storage areas
  • water and sanitary sewer facilities

After you have submitted your Feasibility Evaluation you will receive feedback and guidance from Planning staff. Please allow up to two weeks for your proposal to be reviewed; you will receive an email from our staff once review of your proposal is complete.

Agency Comments

After completing your feasibility assessment, you may have been recommended to speak with or obtain comments from some of these agencies regarding your proposal. Please use this Agency Input Form to obtain your agency comments; wait until you have all your agency comments, then submit all comments at one time via our Submit Comments form.


Colorado State Lands and Wildlife

Housing, Utilities, and Food Safety

Fire Management

Fire Protection

Mining, Geology & Environmental

Metropolitan Service Districts


Scenic and Viewshed


Storm-water, Wetlands, and Weed Management

United States Army Corps of Engineers

Water Supply

Other Agency Studies: