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Newspaper Articles4 documents

  • Commissioner Church column, May 8, 2020
    document date 05-13-2020
    County businesses will be altered after pandemic
  • Commissioner Church column, March 27, 2020
    document date 05-13-2020
    We are committed to continuing our county work
  • Commissioner Church column, February 16, 2020
    document date 05-13-2020
    Getting on the same page with the land use code
  • Commissioner Westendorff column, 12-27-2019
    document date 05-13-2020
    La Plata County is on track for a great 2020

Videos - COVID-194 documents

  • COVID-19 Update, May 6, 2020
    document date 05-12-2020
    Commissioner Clyde Church & San Juan Basin Public Health Director Liane Jollon discuss the 84 Fire, Safer La Plata and more!
  • Social Distancing
    document date none
    Lanny and Tracy Barnes demonstrate how to stay six feet apart when outside!
  • Mask up, La Plata County!
    document date none
    Be helpful, be prepared, be well.  Wear your mask!
  • COVID-19 Update, May 15, 2020
    document date none
    Commissioner Julie Westendorff and San Juan Basin Public Health Director Liane Jollon discuss business reopening, self-certification and more!

Videos - County Updates2 documents

  • 2021 La Plata County Budget Kick-Off
    document date 07-21-2020
    Join County Manager Chuck Stevens as he gives a presentation kicking off the 2021 LPC Budget.
  • Elections, motor vehicle registration, recording documents and more!
    document date none

Videos - We are La Plata County6 documents

  • What the County is doing during this crisis
    document date 03-19-2020
    La Plata County Commissioner Julie Westendorff explains how the county continues to provide services in creative ways during the epidemic while supporting the health department.
  • Why helping inmates matters
    document date 02-24-2020
    La Plata County Sheriff Captain Ed Aber explains how hundreds of volunteers offer services to help jail inmates turn their lives around, and why that's so important to our community.
  • Offering alternatives to jail
    document date 01-09-2020
    Sixth Judicial District Attorney Christian Champagne explains how the courts offer alternatives to incarceration for those who've been convicted of a non-violent or victimless crimes.
  • Taking care of children
    document date 12-05-2019
    Learn more about La Plata County's foster-care program and how you can help care for children who've been removed from their families because of abuse or neglect.
  • County decides against traditional zoning
    document date 11-23-2019
    La Plata County's new land-use plan and development regulations will not use traditional zoning to identify areas for growth. Rather, it will attempt to streamline regulations for faster approvals. Learn more in this interview.
  • What's the potential for monsoon flooding?
    document date 08-14-2019
    We Are La Plata County' visits with Director of Emergency Management Butch Knowlton about the potential for monsoon flooding on the perimeter of the 416 Fire burn area.