Diversion and Restorative Justice

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Based within the District Attorney's Office, our Adult Diversion Team works with eligible participants who are charged with a crime, pretrial, applying a risk-needs-responsivity model to offer a range of alternatives to traditional prosecution. We prioritize accountability for wrongdoing on a case-by-case basis, with varying levels of supervision, including voluntarily agreed upon terms and conditions to ensure significant steps are taken towards restoration, repair, and rehabilitation. Our program is designed to factor in the needs of the impacted parties, promote community peace, safety and racial equity, while reducing the number of people with criminal records, and rates of recidivism.

Our Program serves three counties- La Plata, Archuleta, and San Juan. The geography is both rural and urban, bordering tribal land.  Durango, the largest city, is home to Fort Lewis College.  We focus on diverting low to medium level offenses, targeting 18-25 year-olds and first time offenders; as well as medium-high risk offenders targeting at-risk and historically marginalized communities, where problem solving assistance in the form of education, treatment and rehabilitation, restitution and restorative justice can be facilitated.

At-risk communities include those with limited, or no, access to necessary resources such as: housing, food, transportation, employment, as well as those suffering from mental and behavioral health issues and substance use disorder, which we traditionally criminalize.

Historically marginalized communities include those impacted by structural and institutional discrimination, resulting in disproportionate rates of Black, Indigenous and Brown people in our criminal legal system.

In 2023, we served approximately 250 people on diversion.

The collateral consequences of an arrest and conviction are far-reaching, adversely impacting eligibility for jobs, housing, immigration status, student loans, and other public benefits. 

Please reach out to us by sending an email or a phone call to the Diversion Team to learn more.

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