Administration is located in the County Administration Building, 1101 E 2nd Avenue, Durango.  Administration.  The County Admin Building is closed to the public in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Staff is available by phone or email.  For Business and Planning Agenda Board Meetings, a limited number of participants may appear in person in the Board Room subject to social distancing requirements and La Plata County’s meeting guidelines during COVID which include wearing a mask. 

The mission of the Administration Department is to provide managerial, technical, public information and support services to citizens, the Board of County Commissioners, county departments and offices, and visitors so they can receive efficient and effective county services delivered with courtesy and respect.

Administration works closely with all county departments and offices to ensure smooth day-to-day business operations. The County Manager and his staff implement policy as directed by the Board of County Commissioners, develop and coordinate county programs, monitor the cost-effectiveness of operations, and maintain partnerships with other local governments, the State of Colorado and the federal government to maximize resources and solve problems. Administration staff also coordinate the Board of County Commissioners meeting calendar and prepare the Board's business agenda.