About Us

The role of the District Attorney is to ensure that justice is achieved through the court system in criminal cases.  We represent the People of the State of Colorado, and we must seek justice for all the People, not just some.  As such, our prosecutors not only take into account the wishes and desires of the victim, but also the values and principles of the community, and the needs and interests of the defendant.

The Office of the District Attorney is comprised of 26 amazing individuals who are dedicated to achieving justice in our community every day.  We have 10 full time attorneys, 7 legal assistants, 5 victim and witness coordinators, 3 investigators and 1 diversion coordinator.  We handle about 3,500 cases per year across Archuleta, La Plata, and San Juan counties, which make up about 70,000 people.

What does a Prosecutor do?

What does the DA's Office do?

  • Submits and/or reviews requests to the court to issue warrants for arrest. 
  • Makes recommendations for bond amount and stipulations.
  • Screens and decides whether to file felony cases referred from law enforcement with the courts.
  • Conducts outreach and provides resources to victims of crime.
  • Screens defendants for diversion or other alternatives to prosecution.
  • Investigates cases for additional evidence or victim participation.
  • Prepares and litigates cases at pre-trial motions, hearings, and trials.
  • Evaluates charges, and amends as appropriate.
  • Extends plea offers as warranted.
  • Makes sentencing recommendations.
  • Collaborates with other government agencies and the public to develop programs to address the safety and well-being of the community.

What does the DA’s Office not do?

  • Arrest individuals. Law enforcement arrests and refers individuals when there is probable cause of offense.
  • Set bond. The judicial officer makes the decision on the amount and the conditions of bond.
  • Impose sentences. The judge imposes a sentence following conviction.