An Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) describes how people and property will be protected during emergencies and disasters.

  • An EOP must be flexible and adaptable to actual situation(s).
  • Prioritizing plans and planning efforts is to support you (stakeholders) for seamless transition from development of an EOP to execution for any threat or hazard.
  • EOP’s identify personnel, equipment, facilities, supplies, and other resources available.
  • EOP’s can be utilized during, but not limited to, mock simulations, trainings, real-time response and recovery operations
La Plata Digital Emergency Operations Plan

La Plata County Emergency Operations Plan - Base Plan, Volume 1
Functional Annexes Incident Annexes
Alert and Warning Aircraft Accident
Evacuation and Reunification Drought
Debris Management Flooding and Dam Failure
Ground Transportation Hazardous Materials and Oil and Gas
Mass Care and Sheltering Infectious Disease
Points of Distribution (PODS) Mass Casualty Incident (MCI)
Railroad Severe Weather
Recovery Terrorism
Resource Management Utility Failure
  Winter Storm

Annual Evacuation Simulation:
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