The Treasurer's Property Tax Portal is currently down.  Please check back later - IT is working to get it back up as soon as possible.

The County Treasurer’s Office is responsible for collecting, protecting and disbursing property tax dollars to La Plata County taxing authorities. These entities include the school districts, fire districts, metro districts (e.g. Three Springs, Forest Lakes, Edgemont Metro District, etc.). The authority for taxing rests with the residents of these areas and their respective boards of directors.

If your mailing address has changed, please update your mailing address with the Assessor's Office.To get information about your account, including obtaining receipts from prior years, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Property Tax Account Search box above
  2. Read the statement and click the button I Have Read The Above Statement
  3. Under Tax Payer (Public) Login click the Login button
  4. Type in your account number in the AccountID field or Owner Name and then click the Search button
  5. Click on the number listed under Summary to bring up all your account details

To pay delinquent taxes it is important that you call the office first to obtain the total amount due, which includes interest and fees.  The number to call is (970) 382-6352.   You can make a payment in person at the Treasurer’s Office which is located at 679 Turner Drive Suite B, Durango, CO 81303.  Payment MUST be made using Certified Funds (Cashier's Check or Money Order) or Cash.  You can also mail your payment to the same address using Certified Funds (Cashier's Check or Money Order) DO NOT SEND CASH VIA THE MAIL.

Important Notice to Purchasers of Tax Liens and to Applicants for Treasurer Deeds