Treasurer / Public Trustee's Office

The Treasurer's office is now located at:
679 Turner Drive Suite B, Durango, CO, 81303, in Bodo Industrial Park.

The County Treasurer’s Office is responsible for collecting, protecting and disbursing property tax dollars to La Plata County taxing authorities. These entities include the school districts, fire districts, metro districts (e.g. Three Springs, Forest Lakes, Edgemont Metro District, etc.). The authority for taxing rests with the residents of these areas and their respective boards of directors.

The annual La Plata County tax lien sale is in process.  During this time period, September 28, 2022 through the end of the year, only CERTIFIED FUNDS are accepted for delinquent taxes.

Certified funds are CASH or CASHIERS CHECK.  No personal checks or electronic funds can be accepted.  These delinquent taxes have been paid by investors who are owed interest for these loans.

To pay delinquent taxes in person, come to the Treasurer’s Office at 679 Turner Drive, Durango, CO 81303.  Tax payments can be mailed to: Treasurer’s Office, PO Box 99, Durango, CO 81302.


Due to COVID concerns and for the safety of all, please call our office if you have questions and to obtain the current amount due:  970-382-6352.


To participate in the annual tax lien sale, please visit and register through this website.  Research and bid on tax liens during the month of October.  The auction is Thursday, November 3, 2022.