Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my parcel?

What is my zoning/land use classification?

Can I have a tiny home?

Can I have an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) on this parcel?

Can I live in my RV or have an RV pad on my parcel?

Can I live in an RV while building a house?

What is the status of my Building Inspection/ Status of Permit?

Can I build outside of my building envelope?

What is an easement and can it be removed?

What is right-of-way and can it be removed?

What is a setback?

What is a feasibility evaluation?

What do I need to do to build a house on a parcel?

What makes a lot illegal? What is an illegal lot?

What is involved in a Subdivision or Lot Split?

How do I consolidate or combine my lots?

Can I adjust my lot lines? What is a boundary adjustment?

How do I find out where my lot lines are? 

What is a plat?

Is a permit required for an event?

I am having a wedding on my property. Do I need a land use permit?

Can I have a block party?

Is there a view shed in my area?

What is the difference between land use classification/zoning and tax assessment?

Are there structure height restrictions?

Why did I not receive notice of a Planning project near my home?

Can I request a meeting with a Planner?

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to the Planning Department at (970)382-6263 or email us at