Types of Applications

If you would like more information on any of the following permits, please call, write, or visit the Planning Department. 


Begin The Land Use Application Process

The first step in initiating a land use application is to evaluate the feasibility of your project. To assist with this, please complete the Project Information Form. Please have a site plan ready for upload before beginning the online form. Information regarding Project Information Forms and the Feasibility Evaluation process can be found at the Feasibility Evaluation page

Director Determination

Administrative Land Use Permit

Ag Plus Uses by Administrative Land Use Permit

Minor Land Use Permit

Major Land Use Permit

Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Other Permit and Application Types

Special Events- County Road Use
For any event using or crossing a County Road, you must first obtain a Special Events - County Road Use Permit by submitting the application (with required attachments) at least 45 days prior to the proposed event. Special events using county roads are approved or denied by county staff. The application can be submitted here. Please call 970-382-6260 with questions. 

Please call the Planning Department at 970-382-6263, or submit a Planning Contact Form.  Please have the following information available when you write or make the call:  name of applicant, contact telephone number(s), parcel number(s) of the property involved, and a description of the proposed activity.