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Mail to Inmates

mail for inmates


You may write to your family member.

  •  Mail should be addressed as follows:

                        Name of inmate
                        c/o La Plata County Jail
                        742 Turner Drive
                        Durango, CO  81303

  • You may send a money order via mail.

  • You may only send letters, money orders, and photographs. Photographs CANNOT be Polaroids or computer generated color photos.

  • DO NOT send the following items to inmates: extra stamps, paper, gifts, post cards, or greeting cards. The La Plata County Jail WILL NOT accept these items for inmates.  Any mail with a foreign substance on it, such as, perfume, lipstick, etc... will be returned to sender.  

  • You may order newspapers and books directly from the publisher.



You may purchase new, paperback books for inmates housed at the La Plata County Detention Facility. 
Hard cover books will be placed in the inmate's property and will NOT be distributed to inmates.

New books must be mailed directly from the business where they were purchased and sent directly to the inmate.

The books should be addressed as follows: 

Inmate's Name
c/o La Plata County Jail

742 Turner Drive
Durango, CO  81303