Water Rights

As a part of the settlement of the City of Durango’s Recreational In-Stream Diversion (“RICD”) water right, La Plata County obtained water rights in water court cases 06CW99 and 06CW127 (the “99 Water Rights” and “127 Water Right” respectively). Both water rights are conditional water rights and can be obtained by qualifying applicants to be put to beneficial use and made absolute through water court.
06CW99 Water Rights
Why should I obtain an increment of La Plata County's 99 Water Rights? 

06CW99 Water Rights Brochure

The 99 Water Rights are administered solely by La Plata County. To apply for the 99 Water Rights, fill out the application form below and submit it, along with the appropriate attachments outlined in the application form under Section VII. The Administrative Processing Fee is $190.00, covering three (3) hours of review; any additional review beyond three (3) hours requires an additional fee of $60.00/hour.
Please review La Plata County Code Chapter 94, Article IV for information regarding the types of uses and locations where the 99 Water Rights can be used. Additionally, the 06CW99 decree posted below contains other valuable information.

06CW127 Water Rights

The 127 Water Rights are co-administered by the Southwestern Water Conservation District and La Plata County.  To apply, fill out the Notice of Intent form below, and submit it to the Southwestern Water Conservation District (SWCD) offices. The SWCD will assign a NOI number, review the application, and forward a signed copy to the LPC Planning Department for review and signature. The Southwestern Water Conservation District will contact the applicant after the NOI has been approved. The 06CW127 decree is also posted below as a resource.

Additional Resources

Southwestern Water Conservation District
841 E. 2nd Avenue
Durango, CO 81301
FAX 970.259.8423

Colorado Division of Water Resources Division 7 – San Juan and Dolores River Basins
160 Rock Point Dr., Ste. E
Durango, CO 81301
970 247-1845

Colorado Water Court Division 7 – San Juan River Basin
La Plata Combined Courts
1060 E. Second Ave. #106
Durango, CO 81301
970 274-2304 x 6181

How Well Do You Know Your Water Well?
Groundwater and Water Wells in Southwestern Colorado
Prepared By: Plateau Environmental Services and CDS Environmental Services, in cooperation with Southern Ute Indian Tribe, La Plata County, San Juan Basin Health Department, Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, and Colorado Division of Water Resources.