WAB Decision Tracking

WAB Decision  Vote or General Consensus Date
Priorities: 1) Fire Adapted Communities 2) Fire Adapted Landscapes 3) Emergency Response Unanimous Vote 9/2/2021
Revised priorities, 6 pursuant to WAB description 1) land use code amendments 2) resources for work on the group 3) communications plan for public 4) community engagement 5) funding incentives and grants 6) training, and three sub-committees to begin focusing on achieving priority areas. Unanimous Vote 10/7/2021
Mitigation sub-committee to focus on MOU   10/21/2021
LUC sub-committee to apply standards county-wide, no defined WUI   12/2/2021
Move MOU to county attorney's for review  Unanimous Vote 3/3/20222
Work with Public & Government Affairs Manager on wildfire awareness campaign Unanimous Vote 6/2/22
Selection of website logo and title   11/3/2022
Selection of Will Walsh as Vice Chair   3/2/2023
Decision to retain existing three subcommittees    3/2/2023
Decision to use web tag line "Living with wildfire"   4/6/2023
Decision to present Wildfire Preparedness Code Concept to BOCC 1 abstain 7/6/2023
Decision to present Wildfire Preparedness Code with text change to vacation rentals 1 abstain 7/6/2023
Decision to establish 2024 Budget categories and amounts:
  1. Resource Center maintenance, management, development $3k
  2. Outreach, promotional materials, ads, booth rentals $500
  3. Supplies, tables, canopy, candy, etc. $500
  4. Hosting workshops and classes (ie. Information for real estate and for insurance underwriters/agents). $500
  5. Unallocated $500
  6. Hosting a tour such as tour of wildfire prepared homes $500
  7. Conferences and trainings $500
Unanimous  8/3/2023