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Thank you for visiting the Resource Center to learn ways to prepare for wildfire. Each link below will take you to another webpage determined by the Wildfire Advisory Board to be a valuable resource. 
Home Hardening

Ember Aware handout
Why is it important to protect you home against embers, Video
Firewise General Construction 
Firewise Deck construction
  • Decks are exposed and highly vulnerable, learn more to reduce your risk
Firewise roof construction

Firewise crawlspace and attics
Firewise fencing
Guidelines for hardening your home
The miracle house - one house survived the Lahaina fire, learn why
Wildfire basics and understanding of behaviors and reducing your risk
Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs, Division of Real Estate offers information to prepare and protect your home
NPR addresses fire-resistant construction when rebuilding
Institute for Building and Home Safety provides a wildfire prepared certificate for qualifying homes learn more here

Vegetation Management, make an effective home ignition zone
Create a defensible space using home ignition zones
Noncombustible Zone 1
5 steps to a defensible space
Defensible space zones and what is involved
CO State Forest Service Home Ignition Zone Guidelines
Live wildfire ready checklist
Combustibility of mulch
Fire-resistant landscaping
Fire-resistant landscaping, video from CSU Cooperative Extension
FireWise plants
Grass seed mixes to reduce wildfire
Cheatgrass and wildfire
Determining Ponderosa Pine density on small lots
Basal area: calculate the appropriate amount of trees 
Drought trees
Mulching what and how 
Xeriscaping trees and landscaping
Role of fire in ecology
Bringing fire back to the forest
Choosing a contractor
Intermountain Forest Association
Insets and disease reduction for healthy forests
Colorado Wildfire Mitigation Deduction
Reducing wildfire risk, National Fire Protection Association video

Evacuation Preparation
How to enroll in county Code Red notifications
Help updating Code Red
LPC before an event checklist
LPC during an event 
One page checklist
Ready set go action list
Advice on how to inventory your home
Checklist by room
Checklist by amount of time
Pet preparedness
Institute for Business and Home Safety checklist
Proper insurance before a wildfire is crucial for your safety during an event and rebuilding after

Community Planning
Steps to become a Firewise Community
Ideas for community leaders
Funding opportunities
Fire Adapted Communities info
Ready to live with wildfire
Landowning guide
Wildfire Risk reduction safety tips
Resilience roadmap
National Interagency Fire Center education
Smokey the bear education
Fire in Paradise, Frontline PBS video

Business Planning
Is an owner or manager signed up to receive CodeRED notifications for the office address? 
Obtain checklists and plan templates to customize for the needs of your business when evacuation notices are implemented

After a Wildfire 

Post-fire Playbook
Controlling soil erosion
Tree care post-fire
What to plant after a fire

La Plata County - preparing for wildfire videos by fire protection district.
Los Pinos
Upper Pine River

Spanish Resources
Evacuation Check list
Evacuation guide
Supply kit planning
Prepare valuables
Family communications
Defensible Space
Retrofit guide

Peaks to People
CO Water Conservation Board
CO Wildfire Ready Watersheds

Science and Research
Fire Science Exchange Network
Rocky Mountain Research Station - study before, during and after a wildfire impact
International Public Safety Data