Sulfur Cinquefoil

sulfurcinquefoil_smSulfur cinquefoil, a member of the Rose family, is a perennial growing up to eighteen inches. It has well developed rootstock. Leaves, palmately compound, have five to seven toothed leaflets on each leaf. Leaves are sparsely hairy and appear green on the underside rather than silvery asin many Potentially species. Flowers are light yellow with five petals, each flower producing numerous single-seeded oval achenes. Sulphur cinquefoil should not be confused with the native Mountain cinquefoil.
Sulfur cinquefoil can be found in disturbed areas such as roadsides and pastures. Colonies of plants are also seen in undisturbed sites. This weed has taken over miles of rangeland in Western Montana.

For more info and how to control, check out the La Plata County Weeds Dept. Fact Sheet