Jointed Goatgrass

JointedGoatgrass_smJointed goatgrass is a member of the Grass family , Barley tribe. Itis a non-native grass introduced from Turkey in the late 1800s. It is awinter annual, reproducing by seed and grows 15 to 30 inches tall inerect stems which branch at the base to give the plant a tuftedappearance.

The leaf blades are 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide (usuallysmooth) with small auricles at the base. The root system is shallow andfibrous. The most distinguishing characteristic is the 2 to 4 inchjointed, cylindrical, balanced seed head.

Seeds of jointedgoatgrass are attached to their ranchis segment and shed in June andJuly, during the prior to wheat harvest. The seeds are very similar insize and shape to wheat seed and therefore are difficult to screen out.Jointed goatgrass is becoming an increasing problem in the wheat growingareas of eastern Colorado.