Colorado Master Gardener Program

the Colorado Master Gardener Program for 2023 is closed.

Are you interested in gaining knowledge about plants and helping others?  The Colorado Master Gardener program is for you!

The Colorado Master Gardener program in La Plata County is taking applications for our 12 week series that starts in January and will be held at the La Plata County Fairgrounds, every Thursday 9 am to 4 pm.

Master Gardeners are part of the outreach program of Colorado State University; a statewide network of faculty and staff that provides lifelong educational programs for all Coloradans in their local communities using research based information.

Participants receive intensive training in horticulture through 12 weeks of classes taught by Colorado State University professors, specialists and agents.  Beginning with basic botany, the program focuses on plant health issues such as soil composition, plant selection and care, disease diagnosis and insect identification and control.  Topics also include water-wise gardening, home vegetable and fruit production, turf management, irrigation, flower, tree care and plant care during drought.

In the first year, Colorado Master Gardener apprentices return 50 hours of volunteer time to the program during the next growing season.  Volunteers help the community by staffing clinic sites at community events, as well as planting and maintaining community demonstration gardens.

After the first year, Colorado Master Gardeners  are required to attend 12 hours of continuing education and give 24 hours of volunteer service a year.

The Colorado Master Gardener program can also be a stepping stone toward a career in horticulture.  Recognized by the green industry as a great vocational education course, the Colorado Master Gardener program is open to persons within and outside of the professional growing area.  Many people considering a career in the green industry start with master gardener training as an all-around introduction to advanced plant care.

The cost is $170 for the classes to become a Colorado Master Gardener.

We also offer reduced fee scholarships based on household income.   The training is equivalent to a four credit hour course.  In comparison, tuition for and instate resident, undergraduate, four-credit class is $1276, plus books and fees.  We look forward to hearing from all who are interested and encourage you to join this fun group of hard working volunteers.  The deadline for submitting your application is the end of December, 2019

For Individuals that are interested in the Colorado Master Gardener training course without the volunteer commitment (i.e. without becoming a Colorado Master Gardener), the class work is available for a higher fee in-lieu-if the return of service. The fee is $530.00.

If gaining knowledge about plants and helping others through horticulture is of interest to you, the Colorado Master Gardener program is an ideal volunteer choice. 

We have two ways to apply; online (click here) or with a paper application (click here).