New Marijuana License Applicant

This page is intended to provide applicants and interested parties with information about the marijuana licensing process in La Plata County. The instructions contained are for informational purposes only and should not be considered a guide for preparing or submitting an application. 

La Plata County is currently accepting applications for the following types of marijuana licenses:

Retail licenses:
Marijuana store
Marijuana cultivation facility
Marijuana products manufacturing facility
Marijuana business operator

Medical licenses:
Marijuana center
Marijuana optional premises cultivation operation
Marijuana infused products manufacturer
Marijuana business operator

 All marijuana licenses are issued by dual authorities: La Plata County and the State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division. In order for La Plata County to issue or renew a license, the business must also be approved by the State of Colorado. A pre-application meeting with the La Plata County licensing coordinator is required for all potential applicants in accordance with local regulations. To schedule a pre-application meeting, please email the licensing coordinator or call (970) 382-6252.  Applicants should familiarize themselves with all local and state regulations prior to setting up a pre-application meeting. A pre-application meeting is scheduled when the applicant is ready to move forward with submitting an application.

Applications are considered and licenses are issued at a public hearing by the local licensing authority which comprises the Board of County Commissioners known as the Marijuana Licensing Authority. All applicants are advised to read and understand the local regulations thoroughly prior to submitting an application. The burden of proof for understanding the regulations falls upon the applicant. Any false statements, misleading information, misrepresentations or failure to reveal information requested may be deemed sufficient cause for refusal to approve an application.

Applicants for a medical marijuana business must complete and submit an application to the local licensing authority with a copy of the application to the State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division. Retail license applicants must first apply with the State prior to submitting a local application.  A retail marijuana business will submit a fee to the State that will be transferred to La Plata County. Any retail marijuana application with La Plata County will not be processed until the official copy of the State application is received, along with the transferred fee. No application will be processed until all applicable fees have been paid. View the County marijuana fees.

In addition, no regulated marijuana business license will be issued until the property receives approval of a land use permit from the La Plata County Community Development Department. For questions regarding the land use permit process for regulated marijuana businesses, please contact the Planning department at (970) 382-6260.

The process of obtaining a regulated marijuana business license involves getting approvals from the La Plata County Community Development Department, the State of Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (including ownership badges and approvals), the La Plata County Marijuana Licensing Authority and all agencies as determined by the local regulated marijuana business regulations.  As such, all applicants must plan accordingly and licensing staff cannot provide applicants with a timeframe for license approval.