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What is the Wildfire and Watershed Protection Fund (WWPF)?
Wildfire and Watershed Protection Fund (WWPF) is an intergovernmental agreement between the City of Durango, La Plata County and Durango Fire Protection District. The WWPF was created to increase landscape-scale mitigation, protect community assets, and decrease the  impact of wildfires on our community and watershed. In 2022, a Coordinator was hired to manage these activities, to increase the pace and scale of mitigation and to secure funding sources to increase mitigation. Funding is currently available for residents in the upper Florida Watershed. Get involved with wildfire mitigation by beginning with a free wildfire risk assessment, learn more on our Get Involved webpage.

Who is the La Plata County Wildfire Advisory Board (WAB)?

The La Plata County Board of County Commissioners created a Wildfire Advisory Board (WAB) in 2021. The WAB is comprised of volunteer members of the public who apply and are selected by the Commissioners, as well as four non-voting members representing local fire protection districts and land management agencies.
The WAB performs various roles including making recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on methods to reduce wildfire risk in our community and increase participation in mitigation. 

The WAB conceived and developed this website, Wildfire Resource Center, and with support from the Commissioners, brought this virtual tool kit to fruition. Learn about the WAB by clicking here and learn how to become involved on La Plata County's Boards and Commissions webpage.  
All of our work is possible thanks to our local partners , to learn about them click here. 
Wildfire Advisory Board members and supporters in 2024