Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Review Commission:
Chairperson: Andrew Gulliford
Naomi Riess
Nik Kendziorski
Jan Mayer-Gawlik
Ted Holteen
Alan Sabo
Kelly Becker

- To provide an application and review process for residents to receive Historic Landmark designation by the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners.
- To increase awareness of historic and cultural heritage as embodied in these designated historic landmarks.
- To provide educational opportunities to increase public appreciation of the County’s unique heritage.
- To increase economic and financial benefits through eco-tourism.

Making Nominations:
The Procedures and Forms for nominating a property to the County Historic Register can be found here, or you can obtain a paper copy from the Planning Department office located in the tech center at 211 Rock Point Drive. Questions may be directed to the County Planning Department at (970) 382-6263 or Planning@co.laplata.co.us

Maintaining the Register:
The County Planning Department and the County Clerk and Recorder maintain the La Plata County Historic Register. Sites are accepted to the Register by recommendation from the Historic Preservation Review Commission, to the Board of County Commissioners and are adopted by Resolution.

Map of Historic Sites:
A map of the registered historic sites is available on the county's GIS mapping tool. Activate the map layer by selecting Maps > Map Layers > Place Names > Historic Register.

Colorado's State Historic Preservation Office provides some financial incentives for qualifying structures and sites, through their Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation and the State Historic Fund

Other entities who may provide financial incentives:
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
National Trust for Historic Preservation

At this time, La Plata County does not offer any financial or developmental incentives for nominations to the La Plata County Historic Register.

Information and Resources:

Please contact the Planning office for information about any of the following Power Point presentations:

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