Oil and Gas

La Plata County Staff has been working on a rewrite of the Oil and Gas regulations (Chapter 90) in the Land Use Code. In October of 2020, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a new Land Use Code. Chapter 90, oil and gas regulations were left unchanged pending a future revision which is now underway. The current regulations can be found here. Please see the draft update to the regulations below. 

La Plata County Land Use Code Chapter 90 - Oil and Gas Regulations - Original Public Draft V.1 (PDF) 

Chapter 90 - Oil and Gas Regulations - Original Public Draft (Word)

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In addition to the draft Chapter 90 Oil and Gas Regulations, conforming amendments to the Land Use Code are required. Click here to see these amendments. 

The existing 2007 Visual Mitigation Guide, associated with guidelines for the mitigation of visual impacts has been updated. Click here to see these updates. 

Past and Upcoming Meeting Information: (updated schedule as of Nov. 29, 2022 HERE
September 26, 2022 - Technical Workshop
September 28, 2022 - Technical Workshop
October 6, 2022 - Policy memorandum - Chapter 90 Oil & Gas Development: (Financial Assurances)
October 6, 2022 - Technical Workshop with industry representatives (Presentation)
October 12, 2022 - Technical Workshop 
October 17, 2022 - BOCC Meeting (Presentation, Agenda Packet)
November 1, 2022 - Staff Memo (Timeline)
November 4, 2022 - BOCC Meeting (Statement of setback policy questions with additional context, Agenda Packet)
November 8, 2022 - Policy memorandum - Chapter 90 Oil & Gas Development: (County Setbacks)
ovember 14, 2022 - BOCC Meeting (Agenda Packet) (Staff presentation)
December 7, 2022 - BOCC Meeting (Agenda Packet)
December 16, 2022 - BOCC Meeting

Thank you for your interest in the revision process of the La Plata County Land Use Code, and Oil and Gas regulations. Your input and participation are crucial to the effort. We will keep you informed of upcoming steps in the project and opportunities for you to be involved. Stay informed by signing up for the Newsletter!

Oil and Gas Development Information:

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission is the agency that is tasked with ensuring that natural resource development in Colorado is done in a responsible and sustainable manner. The COGCC webpage is a great resource for all information about oil and gas development in Colorado. 

COGCC Webpage
Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Dashboard 
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment - Oil and Gas 

At the request of La Plata County, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe has stated its position on air quality issues raised by the community. 
SUIT Comment Letter and Air Quality Response

Statistical Information for La Plata County:

Facilities count - La Plata County
2021 La Plata County revenue pie chart
Oil & Gas vs. all other La Plata County property tax: 2005-2022
Investigating Large Methane Enhancement in the U.S. Basin, Petron, G. et al., 2020
Gas Production Regions in the United States,  deGouww, J, et al.

Questions about oil & gas issues may be directed to the Natural Resource Planner in the La Plata County Planning Department at (970)382-6375, or the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) (303-894-2100). There is also a toll free complaint line operated by the COGCC (888-235-1101).