Water Rights, Information and Applications

Water is a limited resource, and its proper use is a vital issue affecting La Plata County (LPC) and each one of its citizens. LPC relies on water not only for municipal and industrial uses, but also depends on it to support robust agricultural, recreational and resource development industries and to protect precious environment resources. The County understands the need to protect and enhance its water resources, and because of the importance of water quantity and water quality to residents and businesses, the Board of County Commissioners is committed to maintaining water as one of its top priorities.

La Plata County obtained water rights in water court cases 06CW99 and 06CW127; both water rights are conditional, and can be obtained by qualifying applicants. Colorado water law is a very specialized and complicated field. Information on water rights can be found at the Colorado Division of Water Resources' website, and their contact information is included below.

La Plata County Water Right (06CW99)

Joint La Plata County And SWCD Water Right (06CW127)

Southwestern Water Conservation District
841 East 2nd Avenue
Durango, CO 81301

Colorado Division of Water Resources Division 7 – San Juan and Dolores River Basins
160 Rock Point Drive, Suite E
Durango, CO 81301

Colorado Water Court Division 7 – San Juan River Basin
La Plata Combined Courts
1060 East Second Avenue #106
Durango, CO 81301
970-274-2304 ext. 6181