Southeast Plan

The Planning Commission (PC) adopted and certified an updated district plan on November 7, 2019. The district plans establish goals, objectives, and policies to help guide future growth based on the unique characteristics of each geographical area, and the desire of the residents. The 2017 comprehensive plan incorporates these district plans as appendices to the comprehensive plan. These plans, therefore, are part of the comprehensive plan.

Each plan:

  • Identifies the unique characteristics of a particular area
  • Captures key issues within each area
  • Establishes goals, policies and objectives to guide growth in each area
  • Assists the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioner in evaluating the density, type, location and compatibility of land uses in each area

Southeast Plan Final PC Adopted Nov 7, 2019

Reference Draft

During the district plan drafting process there were multiple versions of the plan put forth by citizen groups. A draft of the plan that was identified by the Southeast District citizen group to be a valuable reference document is dated September 28, 2019 can be found here.

Past Meetings during the plan update process

Please contact the La Plata County Planning Department at (970) 382-6263 with any questions