Update to Chapter 90, Oil and Gas Regulations

La Plata County Staff has been working on a rewrite of the Oil and Gas regulations (Chapter 90) in the Land Use Code. In October of 2020, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a new Land Use Code. Chapter 90, oil and gas regulations were left unchanged pending a future revision which is now underway. The current regulations can be found here. Please see the draft update to the regulations below. 

Chapter 90, Oil and Gas Regulations (DRAFT)
In addition to the draft Chapter 90 Oil and Gas Regulations, conforming amendments to the Land Use Code are required. Click here to see these amendments. 
The existing 2007 Visual Mitigation Guide, associated with guidelines for mitigation of visual impacts has been updated. Click here to see these updates. 

UPDATED NOV. 1, 2022 - For the current schedule of meetings, deadlines & significant dates, click HERE.

Nov. 8, 2022 - Policy memorandum - Chapter 90 Oil & Gas Development: County Setbacks

Nov. 14, 2022 - Follow-up Q&A (Financial Assurances) for BoCC: Presentation HERE

Joint PC/BOCC Work Sessions

The Board of County Commissioners and the Planning Commission held a listening session on September 22nd at the County Administration Building at 1101 E 2nd Ave. Please provide your comments below on the Draft Chapter 90

Technical Workshops
Work sessions were held Monday, Sept. 26 and Wednesday, Sept. 28 at the County Administration Building to discuss technical and legal aspects of the draft. County Attorney Sheryl Rogers asked several questions of industry representatives and other attendees in advance of the next workshop, which took place Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022. 

A presentation prepared by the County Attorney's Office for the Board of County Commissioners' meeting on Monday, Oct. 17 addressing policy questions on Financial Assurances can be viewed HERE

Please provide your feedback on the draft by clicking HERE.

Comments received on the Chapter 90 draft are available HERE

Thank you for your interest in the revision process of the La Plata County Land Use Code, and Oil and Gas regulations. Your input and participation are crucial to the effort. We will keep you informed of upcoming steps in the project and opportunities for you to be involved. Stay informed by signing up for the Newsletter!