Historic Register Maintenance:
The La Plata County Planning office, with the County Clerk and Recorder, maintains the La Plata County Historic Register. Sites are accepted to the Register by recommendation from the Historic Preservation Review Commission, to the Board of County Commissioners and are adopted by Resolution.

Map of Registered Historic Sites:
Structures and sites accepted to the The La Plata County Historical Register can be viewed on the county's GIS mapping tool. Activate the map layer by selecting Maps > Map Layers > Place Names > Historic Register.

To nominate a property to the County Historic Register, please download the appropriate Procedures and Forms, or visit our office to pick up printed copies.

At this time, La Plata County does not offer any financial or developmental incentives for nominations to the La Plata County Historic Register. Colorado's State Historic Preservation Office provides some financial incentives for qualifying structures and sites, through their Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation and the State Historic Fund

Other entities who may provide financial incentives:

La Plata County Historic Register
PL2006-0146: McDonald Ranch Barn
PL2006-0308: La Boca Ranch
PL2006-0312: Old Fort Lewis Campus
PL2006-0315: Fred Sower Barn
PL2007-0339: Bayfield Town Hall
PL2008-0001: Florida Baptist Church and Cemetery
PL2010-0022: Harris Ranch
PL2010-0053: Farmington Extension
PL2011-0034: Kerr House
PL2011-0068: Old La Plata City Post Office
PL2011-0124: Smith House
PL2013-0038: Lower Spring Creek Schoolhouse
PL2014-0156: Animas Cann Toll Road
PL2015-0021: Hafling House
PL2016-0185: Aspaas Ranch
PL2019-0181: Iglesia de San