Solar - Primergy Solar Project

La Plata County Staff is currently working on Project #2021-0331 Primergy Hesperus Solar. Public comments on this project are welcome and appreciated. Please provide your constructive comments in the below link. 

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Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below. This list will likely grow as the project is reviewed, so check back for more information. 

What is the proposed Primergy Hesperus Solar Facility project?

What is a 1041 Permit?

Why does this project classify as an area of state interest?

Shouldn't this project fall under Section 73-19 in the La Plata County Land Use Code (LUC) for solar facility projects?

What is the project number for this permit application, and where do I go to look at the submittal materials?

This area is agricultural land. Will Primergy or the landowners have to change the zoning to commercial/industrial use?

How many public hearings will there be for this project?

How can I get involved in this project?

Where can I find out updated information about this project?

Whom can I contact for more information about this project?