County  Guidance Sheets (Old Code)

GENERAL - Notarized Designation of Agent Statement or POA
GENERAL - Project Narrative - Administrative Review, Special Events, Temporary Uses, & Class I
GENERAL - Project Narrative - Special Use, Subdivision, & Class II

ENVIRONMENT - Geology and Soils Reports
ENVIRONMENT - Wetlands Delineation

LEGAL - Deed Creating Parcel (Draft Deeds)
LEGAL - Lot Legality Information Sheet

NOTICE - Surrounding Land Owner, Call-up Option, & Posted Notice
NOTICE - Mineral Owner & Lessees Information 

PLANS/PLATS - Boundary Adjustments/Lot Consolidation Plat - Surveyor's Plat Review Checklist
PLANS/PLATS - Buffering Plan
PLANS/PLATS - Final Plat - Surveyor's Plat Review Checklist
PLANS/PLATS - Noxious Weed Management Plan
PLANS/PLATS - Preliminary Plat - Surveyor's Plat Review Checklist
PLANS/PLATS - Site Plan Review Checklist

WATER - Water Quality Test Results Form