Agency Contact Links and Research

Before you begin any new land use project, you should first contact the La Plata County Planning Department about the use of your land and for a determination on whether your project will require a County land use permit.  The following are links to some other agencies that are involved in the La Plata County Land Use Permitting review process.

Water Supply



Stormwater, Wetlands, and Weed Management

United States Army Corps of Engineers

La Plata County Weed Management

Mining, Geology & Environmental

Fire Protection

For information on safety and access requirements


Housing, Utilities, and Food Safety

Metropolitan Service Districts

County Studies:


Scenic and Viewshed 
Scenic Corridor Map
Skyline and Viewshed Analysis State Highways
Skyline and Viewshed Analysis US Highways

Baseline Greenhouse Gas Emission Profile and Forecast

Fire Management
Fire Risk in Developable Areas

Bureau of Land Management/ United States Forest Service
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment/ Environmental Protection Agency

Colorado Division of Water Resources

Colorado State Lands and Wildlife