Who do I contact about wildlife issues?

The Living with Wildlife Advisory Board (LWAB) is your resource for conflict with wildlife in La Plata County. In most situations,people and wildlife can coexist. Frequently, there are simple steps and non-evasive methods to deter wildlife from damaging your property.

Other helpful telephone numbers:

Contact Office
Phone Numbers
CO Parks & Wildlife 247-0855
Bear Smart Durango 749-4262
La Plata County Sheriff 385-2900
Durango Police Department 385-2900
Durango Herald Bear Tracker 375-4566
La Plata County Extension Office 382-6468
Durango Nature Studies 382-9244

The following links provide easy to read information about a variety of wildlife species that may be encountered in La Plata County.

  • Links to Colorado Parks & Wildlife information:  CPW

Links to Nonlethal Management Methods:

Links to raccoon information:

Links to Hantavirus-Deer Mouse:
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC)  fact sheet on the Hantavirus:

CPW web links:


  • Living with Wildlife - Woodpeckers Begin Springtime Drumming

Living With Wildlife Management Options: