Statement from the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners to all Veterans and Active Duty Service Members

In light of the recent events in Afghanistan, we, in our official and personal capacities, stand by our Armed Forces and Veterans of that conflict and all others that have preceded it. We support you during this emotionally trying time and recognize the stress that the Veteran community is under as events continue to unfold overseas. 

We owe you all a tremendous debt of gratitude and you can hold your head high knowing you served your country and fellow Americans with courage, dignity and integrity. You’ve lost brothers, sisters, friends and family and we are here for you to honor their sacrifice and support you in your times of need and we encourage all La Plata County residents to reach out as well.

The La Plata County Veterans’ Services office provides advocacy and support services to Veterans and their families, and partners with Volunteers of America to coordinate services throughout Southwest Colorado. We invite you to contact our Veterans’ Services office at (970) 759-0117 or through the La Plata County official website. Thank you for your service.