Discuss the sketch plan process at June 11 open house

La Plata County will hold an open house to discuss the county’s sketch plan process at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 11 at the La Plata County Fairgrounds Extension Building at 2500 Main Ave. in Durango.

The sketch plan process – which may be read in its entirety in the La Plata County Land Use Code LPLUC Sec. 66-19 - is the first step in a major land use permit, and currently is an optional step for other types of permits. The intent of the sketch plan process is to provide an “opportunity for the county, the applicant, and the public to evaluate and discuss the basic design, concept and suitability of the project.” Sketch plan submittals are evaluated using the generalized criteria in the Land Use Code and any policy guidance found in the Comprehensive Plan and the applicable District plan. This process has been in place since the adoption of the current land use code in 2020.  The currently adopted code is available at https://online.encodeplus.com/regs/la-plata-co/index.aspx.

In the winter of 2023-24, planning staff proposed code changes to the La Plata County Planning Commission. The commission held a listening session on April 25 to receive comments from the public on the current sketch plan process and the open house format was identified as a next step.

The purpose of the open house is to share with the public areas that have been identified for improvement and possible changes to the land use code, as well as for the county to receive feedback from the public. Staff is seeking input from the public and stakeholders prior to drafting code amendments.

Written comments may also be submitted to the planning department at planning@lpcgov.org.  Please submit comments by June 14, 2024.