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Specialized Programs

Boat Program
The Sheriff's Office boat program is comprised of La Plata County Sheriff’s Office personnel that have been trained in proper boating safety and response.  The 2005 25 foot SAFE boat was obtained using drug seizure funds.  The boat assists the La Plata County Regional Scuba Dive Team with recovery efforts.  The boat team is able  to assist other counties as needed.  The boat has assisted in several stranded boater calls and evidence recovery.  The boat also assisted in the rebuilding of the Lemon Lake dam pumps.

ATV/UTV Program
The Sheriff's Office ATV/UTV program is comprised of Sheriff’s Office personnel that have been trained in the safe handling and operation of the vehicles/equipment.  The equipment itself was obtained using government grants and programs.  The trained personnel are able to use the equipment to get into areas that are too far from the road.  They use the vehicles to manage the homeless populations and illegal camping issues.  They are also used in locating illegal drug activity.  The vehicles were recently used last year during the 416 fires for emergency response vehicles.  Deputies were able to take the ATV/UTV into areas that would have otherwise damaged patrol cars ultimately saving tax payers money.

Snowmobile Program
The Sheriff's Office Snowmobile program is comprised of Sheriff's Office personnel and is operated by trained staff that have passed the written and practical training for the specialized equipment that is utilized.  The snow mobiles were obtained using government programs. The Snowmobiles are used to get into areas where our patrol cars cannot go.  They are used for life saving efforts and evidence recovery.  To date the they have been used for both.

Honor Guard

Five Honor Guard members in full dress uniform with United states and Colorado flags
A primary purpose for the Honor Guard is to provide funeral honors for fallen comrades and to guard national monuments.  An Honor Guard may also serve as the "guardians of the colors" by displaying and escorting the national flag on ceremonial occasions at official state functions. Military Honor Guards may also serve as ambassadors to the public, presenting a positive image of their service, and assisting with the recruiting effort – color guards can be seen at many sporting events, parades, and even marathons and other social events as deemed appropriate.

In 2004 with the death of a local officer, Jasper Vallejos, Deputies at the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office found a need for an honor guard for the agency.  Headed up by Deputy Jim Coleman, uniforms were acquired, and personnel were selected with dedication to what it is to be part of an honor guard.  The usefulness of this team has been shown time and again throughout the years attending funerals for fallen officers across the region and state.  At these events they have participated in numerous capacities from being members of a cordon, posting the colors, rifle volley team, motorcade escort, Casket Watch, pall bearers and many other tasks as necessary to honor the fallen officer.
Picture of 4 Honor Guard officers at a service for a fallen officer
This last year the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office assisted Cortez Police Department in honoring Sgt. Michael Moran who was killed in the line of duty on November 29, 2023.  Having the capability to assist another agency with these tasks allows the members agency to focus on their people, the family, co-workers, and support staff.
Nine Honor Guard officers escorting family members into service for a fallen officer