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Work Release Application - English & Español

Please fill out the application completely.  Fields with a red asterisk ( * ) are required to be filled in.  You MUST attach a copy of the following:

(1) original Sentencing  Order (click HERE to see sample) from the court; (this may be two pages - please include all pages);
(2) photocopy of your ID or driver's license;
(3) copy of two most current paycheck stubs.

Please read the Work Release Rules & Regulations prior to filling out the application.  By submitting an application for Work Release, you are agreeing to abide by the Work Release Rules & Regulations if you are accepted into the program.

Work Release application
Red asterisk * indicates a REQUIRED field

After clicking on the Submit button, your application will be forwarded to the Work Release Coordinator and reviewed for completeness.  You will be notified by email if you qualify for the Work Release program.  If you do qualify, you will be sent additional information to read, fill out, sign, and return to the coordinator.

Please note, not all applicants are eligible to participate in the Work Release program even though the sentencing judge has approved the sentence for Work Release.

IMPORTANT: documents attached to the application must be in the one of the following formats: PDF, JPEG, or TIFF.  

NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation email within three (3) business days of submitting your work release application on-line, please send an email inquiring about the status of your application to the Work Release Coordinator.

Work Release application
Red asterisk * indicates a REQUIRED field